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 Dr. Jason believes in a broad-based approach to patient care. Here at Active Health Clinic, we are not just about facilitating adjustments to the body. Of course this is an integral part of chiropractic care, but we want to provide you with all of the tools needed to revive your body’s natural healing ability. The whole idea behind our practice name is a compilation of everything I do to keep myself healthy. It’s about enabling you to live a life that nourishes both your body and mind. Dr. Jason Worrall Dr. Jason is a firm advocate of the amazing health benefits that can be reaped from regular exercise and good nutrition.
Not Just a Profession, a Passion 
A practicing chiropractor since 2005, Dr. Jason provides his patients with years of invaluable chiropractic experience at his family and wellness orientated clinic. “We are a very family-friendly practice,” says Dr. Jason. “Here at Active Health Clinic, we consider everyone from our office staff to our patients, as part of our family.”
Practice Philosophy 
We are inspired about teaching every man, woman and child that they deserve good health, which comes from having a healthy, functioning nervous system. We are focused and committed to locating and correcting subluxations in everyone in our community that is willing to get healthy, and stay healthy.
los angeles chiropractor yelp
"He gives us hope that everything is going to be better than ok."
- Debbie P.
"It's incredible how aligning my spine has improved my quality of life in many ways."
- Sandy S.
"Dr. Jason has helped me tremendously."
- Lyla B.
"I am so thankful that I was able to see Dr. Jason at this point in my life."
- Capriana C.
los angeles chiropractor yelp
"I am impressed. Truly impressed. And grateful."
      "There is no reason I wouldn't refer all my friends and family to this great clinic."
- Thomas M.
      "Dr. Worrall really helped me. He is the best chiropractor I've ever been to. And he has a heart of gold."
- Daniel J.
      "Dr. Jason has done an amazing job helping me recover." 
- Flor O.
      "Active Health Clinic has absolutely changed my life and health for the better."
- Kelly E.
      "Dr. Jason really cares about the health of his patients." 
- Vicki N.
      "I was afraid of Chiropractic before Dr. Worrall. He is enthusiastic, caring, and effective."
- Cheryl A.
Letter From Dr. Jason Worrall
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