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Sherman Oaks Chiropractor Is Committed to Your Health

Take Your First Step to Better Health at Active Health Clinic

“What really inspires me is seeing that light bulb go off in someone’s mind, when they realize that they can be healthy.”

At Active Health Clinic we are committed to helping you become healthier and happier. Chiropractor Sherman Oaks, Dr. Jason Worrall
believes that the key to lasting optimal health lies in the alignment of the body and the brain.

If you exercise everyday and only eat organic food, it doesn’t follow that you’re experiencing
what it really means to be healthy. In order to live a life of maximized health, you have to
have a healthily functioning nervous system. 

That’s where the beauty of chiropractic
care lies. It provides patients with a gentle and completely natural healthcare
system that treats the entire person, not just the physical problem.

Welcome to the Active Health Clinic Family

Dr. Jason is passionate about providing his patients with the very best in
chiropractic care. From young children to adults and everyone in between,
all of our patients are treated as a member of our family. To keep your
little ones happy, we provide a large, dedicated play area in our practice.

We treat a multitude of health concerns, combining the very best
of traditional chiropractic techniques with the latest in innovative
technology. Our patient education and active health events will
keep you involved in your health!

Take the first step in your journey to a healthier and happier you
by contacting our practice at (818) 205-1000 today!

We would be happy to answer any questions that you might
have about chiropractic care and a life of wellness.

Chiropractor Sherman Oaks, CA | Active Health Clinic | (818) 205-1000